Introduction to Zoosk.com

Zoosk was launched in 2007 as a Facebook dating application, but has since become one of the largest dating websites on the Net. Zoosk boasts 50 million members from around the world. Zoosk has a subtler approach to online dating. The website itself looks and feels like a regular social networking site with its bright colors and large font. The Zoosk website doesn’t scream “online dating”, which can be a good thing, especially for people who are interested in dating online but are wary of standard dating websites.

Who Is Zoosk.com For?

Zoosk.com is for people who want to delve into the world of online dating but are unimpressed by the typical appearance of most dating sites. Since most dating sites are focused on features rather than aesthetics, they often fail to appeal to the younger set. Zoosk.com, on the other hand, looks and feels just like Facebook or Twitter, and is a great first step for newbies in the world of online dating.

What are the features of Zoosk.com?

Zoosk.com has a ton of features packed into one cute package. Here’s the rundown on the features you can use in Zoosk.
•    Winks –Send winks to members to let them know you’re interested without having to write a lengthy message
•    Messages
•    Send Gifts –Use virtual currency called Zoosk coins to purchase virtual gifts for other members.
•    Multi-Language Option –Zoosk.com is available in 20 languages.
•    Dating Community Forum Boards –Ask questions, get answers, and make new connections.
•    Help Section –Find answers to commonly asked questions and read articles on dating safety.
•    Search –Search by age, location, children, ethnicity, political beliefs, religious beliefs, relationship history and more.
•    Daily Matches –Lets you sit back and relax while Zoosk.com finds matches for you.

Features That Come With Premium Membership

•    Unlimited Messages, Winks and Flirts
•    Higher Priority Placement Of Your Profile
•    Zoosk Desktop – An application that provides you with updates and notifications from Zoosk.com, even if you don’t have any browsers open.
•    Zoosk Mobile –Stay connected to Zoosk.com even while you’re on the go.
•    ZooksBox –E-mail inbox.

What makes Zoosk.com different from other dating sites?

Zoosk.com integrates with social networking sites such as MySpace, Hi5, Facebook and Bebo. Zoosk.com can be accessed even while you’re on the go by way of the Zoosk Mobile application.
Zoosk.com also has one other unique feature: virtual currency, like the kind you use in online games. Zoosk coins can purchase, among other things, virtual gifts to someone you’re trying to impress. Free members who want to be able to send and receive emails but don’t want to pay to be members can access this particular feature by paying in Zoosk.com coins.

Zoosk.com – Main features

When you sign up for a free account at Zoosk.com, you’ll be directed to a series of forms that you have to fill out. The forms are called a Date Card in the Zoosk universe.  The form will ask you for basic info like your name, age, gender, what gender you’d like to date, etc.  You’ll also be asked to select a few “Icebreakers” to put on your profile page. “Icebreakers” are cute questions like, “If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it?” On the last page of the Date Card, you can ask people to write testimonials about you, which may lead other members to consider you as a potential match. Make sure you ask people who are good friends to write testimonials about you. You want to attract potential matches, not make them run away screaming.

A useful and undeniably unique feature in Zoosk.com is the ability to integrate your Zoosk.com and Facebook accounts. Paid members can use the Connect With Facebook option, which lets Zoosk.com to get information about you to augment your Zoosk.com profile. This is great for people who hate writing long descriptions of themselves.

Zoosk.com Positives

•    Cute, well-designed and easy to navigate site.
•    Ability to connect using Facebook.
•    Ability to receive notifications when someone you’ve messaged reads your message, whether they reply or not.  This way you’ll know if the person you’ve messaged hasn’t seen your email, or just too busy to e-mail back.
•    Premium memberships can be paid for via PayPal, so you don’t have to provide your credit card details. Security and privacy-conscious folks would find this helpful.

Zoosk.com Negatives

•    Free members cannot reply to messages from other members.
•    No option anywhere in the site that can help you specify what type of relationship you’re looking for (I.e. casual dating, serious relationship, etc.).
•    Automatic renewal of memberships.
•    The membership fees are a bit steep compared with other dating sites.

Zoosk.com Free trial

It’s free to sign up for Zoosk.com, but free members can only access very few features.

Zoosk.com prices for membership
•    1 Month – $29.99
•    3 Months – $59.85
•    12 Months – $119.88